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NEWSLETTER 09.08.2019

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We are delighted to introduce to you a new exciting event on Fanø Knitting festival. Get to know the area better from the seaside.Only room for 12 passengers on each trip, so do not wait too long, if you are interested. Bring your knitting, your kids, your husbands, this is enjoyable for everyone. The boat is roofed so you sit comfortably despite the weather.

See Fanø and Esbjerg, the biggest port in Denmark, from the sea side.

Enjoy a boat trip between Fanø and Esbjerg on the 40 year old, former workboat M/S Martha, recently renovated to take onboard passenger.

You will amongst other things see:

  • Esbjerg, once Denmark’s leading fishing port, now the Energy Metropol of Denmark with over 12 km Quays where around 6.000 ships, calls the port annually.

The world leading disembarkation port for offshore Windmills, we will pass by the vast acreage where thousands of windmill parts are waiting for shipment to new windfarm project around the globe.

  • We will pass by some of the world’s biggest ships, specially built for transportation and installation of offshore windmills.
  • The Tallship training ship  ”Danmark”, which is presently under renovation in Esbjerg to prepare her for the voyage to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
  • Svend Wiig Hansens 9 meter high scultures ”Mennesket ved Havet”. Known as the four white men.
  • In through the locks to the new Marina in the vast reclaimed area known as ”Esbjerg Strand”.
  • See Esbjerg’s beautiful Water Tower and the Music Hall from the sea side.

The boat trip takes approximately 2 hours and there will be local guides on board.

We will also be serving a complementary glass of wine/soft drinks during the trip.

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Departure times for "Martha of Fanø" during the Fanø International Knitting Festival 2019

Friday - Saturday - Sunday



Only 12 passengers per departure. 

Departure from the marina in Nordby.

It is not possible to buy tickets onboard.

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Holiday is over, and bookings for workshops have started to move again!

The following workshops still have availability:

Friday afternoon:

WS 02 - Colourful Brioche - MASTERCLASS - with Olga Buraya-Kefelian, USA - 2 in stock


Friday morning and afternoon (6 hours):

WS 03 - Knitted Dolls - MASTERCLASS - with Arne & Carlos, in Norwegian and English  - 26 in stock


Saturday afternoon:

WS 29 - Modular Knitting with Negative Space - MASTERCLASS - with Olga Buraya-Kefelian, USA - 8 in stock

WS 30 - Broder på dine strikkede skatte - with Sidsel Høivik, Norway - 1 in stock

WS 31 - Get organised! make a "Perpetual" Knitting Workbook - with Laura West, Scotland, 5 in stock


Sunday morning:

WS 36 - Fully Fashioned Shaping - with Louisa Harding, England, 5 in stock

WS 41 - Sanquhar Muster Stricken - with Maria Weddewer, Germany, 1 in stock

WS 46 - Hækle på strik - with Sidsel Høivik, Norway - 3 in stock






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We have received a number of absolute lovely tiles from knitters from all over Europe. Thank you so much!

But we would like to have more!

Therefore we have postponed the deadline for sending your own personal tile to SEPTEMBER 1, 2019

This is the assignment:

Knit a square 20 x 20 cm. The inspiration source is a Dutch tile, but the motiv is up to you.

It must be knitted in wool on needles 3,5 mm. Base colour must be creme or light grey. Pattern colour blue.

You are welcome to embroider and crochet details on your  knitted tile.

Maximum is 2 tiles per person.

Please send your tiles to Fanø Strikkefestival, 4 Engen, DK-6720 Nordby Fanø and do not forget to attach name and address on your tiles.


The 3 best tile motives will be granted with a gift card of DKK 500,- from Christel Seyfarth's shop .

When we have received the tiles, we will put them together for a carpet. The carpet will belong to Fanø Knitting festival, so the tiles will not be returned.

We sincerely hope, that you pick up your needles and knit us a wonderful sample of a Fanø Tile. 


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This year we introduce day tickets also for you who only will be visiting us for one day.

Prices are as follows:

Friday/Saturday/Sunday day tickets DKK 100,- per day per person

Weekend ticket (valid Friday - Sunday) DKK 150,- per person


The entrance tickets give you access to the market places in Nordby and Sønderho and to all free events from the stages in Fanø School and Fanø Hallen.

Workshops, evening events and all other events must be booked and paid separately. Bus tickets are not included in the entrance ticket.

You can either buy your entrance ticket on the webshop or at the festival office in Nordby and at the Info Room in Sønderho.

All entrance tickets booked on the webshop must be converted to an entrance bracelet. Bring your order confirmation to the festival office at Fanø School, and we will hand out your bracelet ticket(s). You cannot convert your order confirmation in Sønderho, but ONLY at the festival office in Nordby.

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We have sooo many who ask for private accommodation.

This week we are pleased to new private accommodation possibilities, all in Nordby.

Please contact the owner if you are interested. We know that all private accommodation offers are booked out immediately, so be quick, if you need accommodation.


Private home, situated only 300 m from the Festival area with room for 6 persons. Built in 2017. Picture of house above!

159 m2, with 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, large living area with kitchen and living room.

Available from 19.09. -22.09. 2019


Price: DKK 7500 incl consumption (electricity and water)

Please contact: Katharina Andersen, mail: andersen_katharina@hotmail.com



Beautiful and practical 130 square meter home with a large terrace and private garden for rent from Thursday to Sunday during the Fanø International Knit Festival.

  • 400 meters from the festival.
  • Towels and bedsheets must be brought.
  • 6-8 people can be accommodated in 3-4 separate rooms. (Beds 7 and 8 will be in the living room)
  • Check-in Thursday from 11 o’clock, check-out Sunday at 11 o’clock.
  • Total price 4600 kr. 

Contact Jane Sidelmann +45 20 73 24 57 or mail: jane_sidelmann@hotmail.com



First floor in private home, 600 m from the festival area and supermarket, 2 km from ferry boat 

Room for a group of 5 - 7 persons (2 will be sleeping on a couch). 100m2 kitchen/living room and bathroom

DKK 1400,- per night

Send mail or call
Nanna jancyardottir 
mobile +45 26379795

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In the knitting book RED which will be released during the Fanø International Knitting festival, the special selected 17 most threathened animals in the world, will be the pivotal point for the design of 33 sweaters and patterns. How did the team behind RED pick these specific 17 animals among the countless number of species in the world?

The international organization IUCN frequently releases a scientist based list of all endangered  species, their conditions, their distribution or lack of same. This list is called The RED List and this list has also been the inspiration source of the book.

Unfortunately, this list is long,but we have chosen animals from all continents, not only the most wellknown, but also animals who from various reasons are endangered, for instance by trade, climate, forest clearing, etc. Read more here:  https://www.iucnredlist.org/

One of the authors of the RED knitting book, Polly Cevallos, is a zoologist and has lifelong experience with NGO. Polly Cevallos will be doing a lecture on Fanø International Knitting Festival and will be present during the weekend.

The introduction in the book is written by Director of IUCN, Grethel Aguilar Rojas. She writes:

’To achieve this vision we need to get the next decade right. With the Sustainable Development Goals giving us a clear and beautiful picture of what our planet and those that inhabit it could look like.

This book called R:E:D:, shows a similar optimism and provides a model for how individuals can do something to make this a better Planet. Knitting like Nature has known values for us all.’

The team behind Fanø International Knitting Festival is very proud to support this great project, and we sincerely hope that you will do the same by buying the wonderful knitting book.


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As you may see from this very long newsletter, we have lots on our minds.This emphazises that Fanø International Knitting Festival is so much more than an ordinary knitting festival. We care about the world we live in, and we know you do too.

We wish you a lovely weekend.


Best wishes

Christel and Jørgen Seyfarth


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