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NEWSLETTER 30.08.2019

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For your information, the Meditational Knitting Service will be held in Nordby Church Sunday 11 - 11.45.

In the printed program, we have by mistake written that the service was to be held in Sønderho.


This meditation service is conducted by a Faroese female priest, Miriam Florez. You are allowed to bring your knitting. And even though you do not understand Danish, you should treat yourself with this unique experience.

You will find Nordby Church at the end of the southern part of HOVEDGADEN - the main street.

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Fanø Knitting Festival reserves a number of rooms at Fanø Krogaard ( an inn) in Nordby each year.

We have got a cancellation of 1 double room from Saturday to Sunday, so if you are interested in booking this, please drop us an email at: http://garn@christel-seyfarth.dk You can stay until Monday also, if you like.


If you wish to rent a house, an apartment, etc, there are other possibilities. Have a look at the https://strikkefestival.dk/info/practical-info

Scroll down and you will find news about private accommodations


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This year we have moved the premises of the festival to Fanø School and Fanø Hallen in Nordby. We will no longer be at the harbour front.

When you get off the ferry boat in Nordby, you turn right after 50 meters at the small rise at the blue building "Havnekiosken". You are now at the main-street HOVEDGADEN of Nordby. Turn left and follow the cobblestoned street till you reach Christel Seyfarth's shop on your right side (5 minutes' walk). Follow the signs from here for another 5 minutes walk.

In Sønderho you get off by the buss station , heading south, you turn left to Fanø Kunstmuseum. Just before the museum you will find Sønderho Forsamlingshus, where there are stands, entertainment and a food-tent. 

To visit the Sønderho School with more stands, you turn left by "BRUGSEN" (supermarket) and opposite the silk shop SILKEN, and follow the road BJERREVEJ to the end, turn right and you see the school.


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Remember! In order to get your entrance-bracelets and tickets to events, you must print out your order confirmation and show it to the staff at the information counter.

If you only wish to visit the market places in Nordby and Sønderho, you will need an entrance-ticket. This can be bought online (until September 12 midnight) or by the door, both in Nordby and Sønderho.

Please make sure, that you have read all information needed to get around on the island and to find the events you have booked.

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By, the way, we have just returned home from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is an absolute amazing place with so much beauty and roughness at the same time, it is hard to comprehend! And here the colour GREEN is amazingly green.

The knitting traditions on the Faroe Island are legendary, and it is a truly inspiring place to visit. 

Whereever you may be for this weekend, we wish you a pleasant one. Next Friday we will send you the last newsletter this year from Fanø International Knitting Festival.

Remember, that we close for bookings on the webshop THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, AT MIDNIGHT

Best wishes

Christel and Jørgen


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