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Newsletter 11.09.2019

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Our festival phones are busy with clearing up just a few questions from you, the entire island is preparing for your arrival, and the only ones we have not yet had meetings with, are the ones who control the weather!

But for every day we get a little more ready, and from Monday next week, we start building up the festival area.



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If you have purchased your bus ticket online, you must bring your order confirmation (in print) to the festival office in order to have it changed into a bus ticket. The bus driver does not accept your order confirmation as a valid bus ticket.

HOWEVER, for those, who arrive on the ferry boat from Esbjerg to Nordby, and have not had the time to exchange the order confirmation yet to a bus ticket, are allowed on the bus from the ferry to Fanø School without a ticket.

You must get off at Fanø School and get your bus ticket at the festival office there. You will not be able to continue on the bus without your ticket.

If you have not pre-booked a bus ticket, you can buy a ticket on the bus.


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Remember to bring your order confirmation. Without it, you will not get your tickets.

You can check your orders and reprint your order confirmation from the website http://www.strikkefestival.dk. In the upper right corner click at the pictogram (person), log ind with your email address and mobile number (user and passwords).

For all events, except for the workshops, you will have to show your ticket at the door (not your order confirmation), so remember to stop by the festival office and change your order confirmation into tickets.

Office hours festival office (situated at Fanø School in Nordby)

Thursday 14 - 17.00

Friday and Saturday 08.30 - 18.00

Sunday 08.30 - 15.00

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We close the webshop for bookings Thursday, September 12, at midnight. Until then, you can book entrance tickets, workshops, lectures, etc.

If you wish to visit the marketplaces only, you must also buy an entrance ticket. This you can do both at the festival office at Fanø School in Nordby and at the Info-room by the bus station in Sønderho.



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Needless to say, we are so excited to see you in a week.

Promise us, that you have checked up on all your order confirmations, so that you will be admitted entrance without any problems.

This will be the last news letter before the knitting festival. It has been a pleasure writing you all once a week since march, and we do hope that we have covered all corners of the festival, so that you are well informed.

Yesterday afternoon, the two of us went on a helicopter ride over Fanø. We have been so busy planning that we needed to lift our heads - and spirits - and see everything from the above in order to get a better perspective. It was truly amazing to see the shoreline of Fanø, the white beach, and the horizon melting together with the dramatic skies. 

With that image in our minds, we are even more eager to welcome you to our tiny, beautiful island. We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of inspiration, and an unforgettable experience from the westernmost island of Denmark.

Best wishes

Christel and Jørgen Seyfarth


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