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NEWSLETTER 06.09.2019

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Dear festival participants.

Time flies, and we and quite busy making everything ready for your arrival in just a couple of weeks.

For the past few days, I myself have also been busy setting up my exhibition at the Fanø Art Museum (Fanø Kunstmuseum), and I do hope that you will visit the Art Museum in Sønderho and not only see my exhibition, but also see an exhibition of old BOHUS sweaters from Sweden. The Art Museum has lots of more exciting art on exhibition, so it truly is worth visiting. If you wear an entrance bracelet from the Fanø Strikkefestival, you will be admitted 50% discount on the entrance ticket.

But, needless to say, the entire island is getting ready for your arrival!

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We are quite fond of Norwegian designer, Sidsel Høivik. Her enchanting designs with clear Norwegian inspirations and her very popular workshops and lectures, make her a clear favourite among all our other great foreign instructors.

This year she will be conducting workshops (all sold out) and a lecture, but she will also be doing a great fashion show on Friday night.

As Sidsel does not have the time to have a stand with us also, she offers you the possibility of ordering already now from her webshop  - WITH A 15% DISCOUNT - and she will bring your order with her to Denmark.

If you cannot decide what to buy from her till you have seen all her models on the fashion show, Sidsel genereously offers you the same discount, and she will ship to you, after she is back in Norway. 

If you live outside Norway, the VAT will be deducted upon shipping. On top of that you get the 15% discount.

The offer is valid up to and including september 25, 2019.

Discount code is: FANO

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For the past week we have received a number of tiles from both Holland, Denmark, Germany and the Faroe Islands. Thank you so much.

The deadline for participating in the competition is now over, and we will start putting an amazinig carpet together of all the beautiful tiles, knitted by you.

We find 3 winners who all will receive a gift card of DKK 500,- each from Christel Seyfarth's shop in Nordby.


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If you have grown fond of our little, sandy island, and you wish to dig a layer deeper in order to get to know us better, you should go and see the touching photo exhibition FANØ DAGBOG.

This amazing exhibition portraits the Fanø-women and their lives - seen through their various costumes.

Here you get the story of these hardworking and very proud women, many of which were cosmopolitans, as they went sailing for years on the seven seas with their husbands, but also women, who were totally grounded in the daily life on the island.

The huge photos are exhibited in a black room with sound and light.

We offer 50% on the entrance ticket if you wear your entrance bracelet from the Fanø Strikkefestival.

The festival bus will take you to the photo-exhibition by Fanø Bad. Opening hours daily from 13 - 17.00, Monday closed.

Do not miss it!


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During the weekend from Friday 09.00 till Sunday 16.30, there will be 2 festival busses with the following stops:

Ferry boat, Nordy - Fanø School - Fanø Bad (to see the photo exhibition FANØ DAGBOG) - along the beach to Rindby - Sønderho bus station - AND RETURN.

The busses run every ½ hour from either Sønderho and Nordby. 


Weekend ticket: DKK 50,-

You can buy your bus ticket on the webshop, in the bus, at the festival office at Fanø School in Nordby and in the Info room by Sønderho bus station.

HOWEVER! If you have bought your bus ticket on the webshop, YOU MUST change your order confirmation into a bus ticket at the festival office at Fanø School. You cannot show your order confirmation to the busdriver. He only accepts tickets, and no order confirmations.

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It is not allowed to park at Fanø School and Fanø Hallen, unless you have a handicap sign in your car or arrive by the festival bus. Stadionvej and Niels Engersvej, which lead directly to the festival areas,  will be closed off and guarded.

However, for your convenience we have reserved various parking possibilities very close by. If you take Kallesbjergvej from Vestervejen and follow the signs, you will be able to park right behind the Fanø School with 2 minutes' walk to the festival area.

But keep in mind: everything is close by on Fanø!

Please see the map.

Pedestrians are allowed through.

In Sønderho, we kindly advise you to park by the church. The streets in Sønderho are very narrow, and there will be lots of people strolling around.


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We like to say goodbuy to you all in a proper and true Fanø-way.

We will sing and dance together, drink a glass of wine and enjoy eachothers' company.

Come to HAPPY HOUR/live music at 15.00 SUNDAY in FANØ HALLEN in Nordby.

½ price on EVERYTHING IN THE BAR (both in Fanø Hallen and at Fanø School's bar), and FREE ENTRANCE AFTER 15.00



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Remember, that we close our webshop September 12, at 24.00 hrs.

After that, it will no longer be possible to purchase tickets and events.

We refer you to the festival office at Fanø School, if you wish to check-out available seats for workshops, lectures, etc.

All evening events, except the Arne & Carlos lecture on Thursday night are fully booked.

Remember, that you need to show your PRINTED order confirmation at the festival office in order to get your tickets.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm wishes

Christel and Jørgen


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