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We offer 48 exciting workshops with instructors speaking Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Faroese, and Icelandic. Most Danish instructors speak English, but as the majority of attendees will be Danish speaking, you must know enough Danish to follow the instructions, as there may not be time for translating..

We offer a number of workshops in English and German only. These instructors are high class instructors and we  recommend that you sign up for one of these workshops if you do not understand Danish.

Cancelled workshops 

Due to COVID 19 some instructors still do not travel abroad. We are SORRY to inform you that the following workshops have been cancelled and will not be replaced:

WS 09, 24,28,34 and 36

New workshops

We are delighted to introduce ÅSA TRICOSA, an internationally know Swedish designer who introduces her own technique ZIGGURAT, knitting top-down and seamles.

WS 49, 50 and 51


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