Prices 2021


Name Description Price
Festival Pass (bracelet) Full weekend 185 DKK
Festival pass (bracelet) Saturday 125 DKK
Festival pass (bracelet) Friday or Sunday 100 DKK
Guided tour in the old town of Nordby 75 DKK
Short workshop 3hr 425 DKK
Long workshop 6hr masterclass 850 DKK
Thursday evening "Claus Dalby" -talk and dinner 395 DKK
Friday evening "Ellen Hillingsø"-talk and fashion show thereafter 325 DKK
Friday evening, "Early bird" dinner "Ellen Hillingsø"-talk and fashion show + reserved seats 525 DKK
Saturday evening Dinner with liveentertainment 525 DKK
Busbillet Valid for the entire weekend 50 DKK
Cruise on 'Everten Rebekka' 325 DKK
Knit along in Fanø Bryghus Thursday, friday and saturday. Beer tasting and appetizers. 245 DKK
Cruise on the boat 'Martha af Fanø' A glass of wine is served on the cruise. 295 DKK

Festival Pass

The Festival Pass is a bracelet to be worn on your arm at all times during the festival. When wearing the festival bracelet, you will be admitted to the venues in NORDBY, SØNDERHO TOWNHALL, SØNDERHO SCHOOL with stands and entertainments. The festival bracelet can be purchased on the webshops at If you have purchased your festival pass on the webshop you must pick it up at the festival office, showing your order confirmation. Festival passes will not be sent by post. The festival bracelet must be worn and visible during the festival weekend. If you have forgotten your bracelet or misplaced it, you must buy a new one. The festival bracelet is valid for 1 person throughout the weekend or as a day ticket friday/saturday or sunday, and includes accompaning children under 12 years of age, although they do not have to wear a bracelet. The festival bracelet does not give you admittance to workshops.

The festival pass admits you also to

  • 50% discount at the Fanø Arts Museum in Sønderho with knitting exhibitions and local artists
  • All persons who wish to visit the festival events must buy a festival pass.

Generally about booking

You book online at .Only online bookings. When you book via the web-shop, you will receive an order confirmation. No other confirmation will be mailed or sent to you, so please remember to make a print right upon receipt. If you have purchased a festival pass, which you will need for admittance to boutique stands and exhibitions in Nordby and Sønderho, you must show your order confirmation to the staff at the festival office, and you will get your festival bracelet.

It is possible to purchase all the festival passes you want TOGETHER with your workshop booking. Remember to purchase a festival pass for possible guests, companions and girlfriends in case they wish to visit the many other festival offers during the weekend. For participation at the evening events only, a festival pass is not needed: You simply show your order confirmation at the door. You must purchase a festival pass if you attend workshops.

The deadline for registration is the day of the actual event. Workshops are filled up cumulatively. We reserve the right to cancel workshop in case of lacking registration, or to move workshops to other facilities. Excess payment will then be refunded. Participant cancellations received after August 1st, 2021* (workshops, lectures/fashion show and festivity evening), will not be refunded. The festival pass is non-refundable.

* Cancellations before Augsut 1 st. will be charged with a handling fee of DKK 50 per person and cancelled event.