Practical info

Practical info

The Fanø knit festival has TWO venues -  in Nordby and in Sønderho. It only takes you 10 minutes by foot from the ferryboat to reach the festival area in Nordby.  And here you will find EVERYTHING you need, all under one roof: 60 Exciting stands, lounge area, café, lectures, exhibitions, entertainment and much more. You get on the festival bus to Sønderho, a 15 minutes ride from Nordby. Here you will find 11 lovely and unique stands.            


Fanø Knit Festival has its own website: The website will be kept up-to-date with any changes that may occur. To ensure that you are aware of any changes that may have occurred in the workshops and other events you have signed up for, it is a good idea to visit the website before you come to Fanø.


Our festival office is located at Fanø School in Nordby.

Here you can purchase an entry-bracelet, register for workshops and find all the information you need about the knit festival.

The opening hours are:

Thursday September 19, 14.00 – 17.00

Friday September 20, 08.30 – 18.00

Saturday September 21, 08.30 – 18.00

Sunday September 22, 08.30 – 15.00

Quick check-in for all Evening Events and Lectures

The check-in line for the  most popular events is usually long. We offer a quick check-in which will speed your way up through the line-up. Contact the festival office in Nordby in due time before these events. When showing your order confirmation, you will receive tickets according to your order confirmation. With these tickets in your hand you will be allowed admission to the events without any waiting in line.


Please see

BUS/TAXI/BICYCLE plus other transport possibilities on Fanø

Esbjerg Taxi. Phone: 75 14 45 00 - operates only in Esbjerg

Bus service from Esbjerg Train station to Fanø Ferry

Bus no. 11-12-13 runs from Esbjerg train station to the Fanø Ferry. Train station departure: Minute 15 - 35 - 50.


Besides the normal bus service on Fanø, we have arranged for 2 extra buses to run from Friday till Sunday. First departure from the harbour in Nordby Friday at 09.00 and last departure from Sønderho Friday and Saturday at 18.30 and Sunday at 16.30.

Minute departure at 00 and 30. Price DKK 50 for the full weekend. Buy your ticket online at the webshop, on the bus or at our Information Desk in Nordby or Sønderho.

Route: Harbour Nordby - Fanø School - Fanø Bad - Kunstladen  - Sønderho and return.


Bicycles can be rented just about everywhere on the island. You may wish to contact Fanø Tourist Office +45 70 26 42 00 about a bike rental. Fanø Island is small and easy to navigate, so a bicycle is perfect and quite practical.

Driving by car

Otherwise, driving to Fanø is recommended since this gives you more flexibility if you wish to see the island on your own.

Fanø Knit Festival neither arranges, nor is responsible for transportation from place to place.


Accommodation possibilities

There is a wealth of accommodation possibilities on Fanø. We might as well say it right away, here on Fanø, we are used to having many guests and there is plenty of room for all festival participants. The festival will be held in an off-season period, which is whyrenting a holiday home or an apartment is quite inexpensive. Bed & Breakfast accommodations are mostly sold out long time before the festival begins.

Private accommodation

Over the years we have  introduced private and local accommodation and a large number of islanders offered rooms with bath or other possibilities for our guests. This became very popular and many have already ensured that they have "their" place again this year. Have a look at our website Here we state all recent and available private accommodation possibilities – if there is nothing available at the moment, check again later. 

Fanø Tourist Office. Phone: +45 70 26 42 00 .

Fanø Tourist Office can direct you to accommodation possibilities such as a Bed & Breakfast, inns, camping areas, holiday home rentals and more. Here, you can also order the brochure 'Welcometo Fanø', a good thing to carry in your pocket if you want to wander off on your own or if you want to know everything about Fanø.


Cafés and restaurants on the island will be open throughout the weekend. Please see the adverts in our magazine or on

In our venue in Nordby you can purchase lunch, pastry and selected beverages.

It will also be possible to buy sandwiches, coffe, cakes, drinks etc.

In Sønderho you will find a small tent next to the Town hall, here you can buy a light lunch, coffee and cake.  

We also recommend to book our EARLY BIRD DINNER Friday evening. We serve a delicious casserole-dinner from 5.45 pm til 7 pm. After dinner, you stroll in to the lounge area where we have reserved seats for you. Book this event on the webshop.


Strange as it may sound, there are actually those who would like to look at other things besides knit during the weekend. What about a guided tour to
the gun batteries on the northern point of the island, or a trip to Sønderho duck decoy, a knitting service, an expedition to the Wadden Sea seal banks led by competent nature guides, or beer tasting in our very own little brewery – or something else? You can read more about other activities elsewhere in the program or please visit:

Fanø Kunstmuseum in Sønderho (located just behind the town hall) . The museum is well worth a visit and is showing its yearly September exhibition with local artists as well as knitwear exhibitions.


The festival exhibit works by designers from Denmark, Norway and Germany. You will find exhibitions in "Strien" in Nordby and at Fanø Arts Museum in Sønderho. Read more about the exhibitions on the website.

Please wear your entry bracelet visible.

Our venue, the  lively "hang out" place in Nordby

Here, there will be boutique stands, food stands, different presentations, entertainments and the delightful festivity evening. It will be a lively place, not only during the day but also during the evening, a place where you can shop, listen to a good story or simply enjoy a bit of refreshment and a cosy chat.


BOUTIQUE STANDS in Nordby and in Sønderho

Opening hours: Friday September 20, 10.00 – 18.00

Saturday September 21, 10.00 – 18.00

Sunday September 22, 10.00 – 16.00

Our venue in Nordby, Sønderho Town hall and Sønderho School  is the setting for specially invited handicraft artists and stands presenting and promoting their knits, yarns and book etc. Tear a couple of hours out of your calendar for a little shopping and/or have a refreshment  at the cafés in Nordby,  designated the festival's hang-out place or at the small cafees in Sønderho with homebake.


We offer workshop facilities at FANØ SCHOOL




If you need acute help to find your way, etc., please call the following phone number: +45 23259030 or visit our festival office.

The organizers of Fanø Knit Festival are:

Christel and Jørgen Seyfarth

Postal address: Engen 4

Hovedgaden 76, Nordby 6720 Fanø


Mobile: +45 51709279/25647375

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