We offer a number of exciting exhibitions which we hope you will have the time to see


Do not miss our local art museum where you can see the september exhibition with local artists, but also the amazing designs from Vibe Munck: 

"I have attempted to concentrate my experiences and knowledge from my life with handwork in these textile sculptures. In different ways, they all show a little piece of my life.

It is the craftsmanship, the colours, the colour interactions, the structures and the textures that occupy me the most. By maintaining the outer form, these factors can appear clearer."     

You will get a 50% discount on the entrance ticket.


​At Fanø Skole we are proud to introduce:

"Makeløs" by Kristin E. Halkjelsvik, Norway.

"En del av det hele mennesket" by Jorunn Engebretsen Hagen, Norway.

"Strikkede Kofter" by Kristen Holte, Norway.

"Klugestrickart" by Annette Weigand, Annegret Siemens, Katrin Ihle, Ilona Hildebrand, Germany.

"En hyldest til Fanø Strikkefestival" by Susanne Knoth, Denmark.



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