We are so sorry, that we had to cancel and postpone our Festival 2020, due to the covid-19 virus – but we hope that you are longing to come back to Fanø for our Festival in 2021, Sep. 16 - 19th. You are hereby invited!

If this is your first approach to our Festival, you are most welcome to sign up – we can promise you an exciting new experience.

What is happening in 2021

The theme above all will be “Come together” – we are celebrating our belated 15th anniversary, it all began in 2005, and we are looking forward to meeting with old friends as well as making new friendships.

In 2019 we said “good bye” to our huge BAZARtent and moved to 2 new indoor venues in Nordby, namely Fanø Hallen (leisure center) and Fanø School, but due to a massive demand from our vendors and guests, we again will add the BAZARtent to our venue area. The tent will be placed next to Fanø School.

In cosy Sønderho, on the southern part of Fanø, we will have stands in the town house and in the old school, as well as exhibitions in the Art Museum and music and dance in the streets.

All our venues – except for Fanø Hallen which is exclusively dedicated to our evening arrangements - will be hosting a lounge area, vendor space, stage, entertainment, fashion shows, presentations and catering.