Programme & tickets


Weekend ticket: DKK 125 per person

Sunday ticket: DKK 75 per person

The entry ticket is a bracelet to be worn on your arm at all times during the weekend or sunday. When wearing the entry bracelet, you will be admitted to the BAZARTENT, SØNDERHO TOWNHALL, SØNDERHO SCHOOL with exhibitions, stands, entertainments, etc..The entry bracelet kan be purchased in Christel Seyfarth's shop on Fanø, on the webshops at / "Booking & Shop" or at If you have purchased your entry ticket on the webshop you must pick it up at the festival office, showing your order confirmation. Entry tickets will not be sent by post. The bracelet must be worn and visible during the festival weekend/sunday. If you have forgotten your bracelet or misplaced it, you must buy a new one. The entry bracelet is valid for 1 person throughout the weekend/sunday, and includes children under12 years, although they do not have to wear a bracelet. The entry bracelet is not included in the obligatory administration fee and it does not give you admittance to workshops and lectures.

Book your ticket on the webshop "Booking & Shop" - bookings from March 9, 2017 at 10 am

All persons who wish to visit the festival events must buy an entry bracelet.

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