Nyhedsbrev fra Strikkefestival.dk

 Nyhedsbrev nr. 2 15/8 2017
Dear festival guest.
In just a few weeks we will be opening the doors for Fanø International Knitting Festival 2017- and we are so excited about welcoming more knitters than ever.
Have you booked the events you are interested in? If not, do not wait too much longer, everything sells out quickly at the moment.

Workshops in German and English

The number of guests from abroad grows for each year, and as  none of you speak Danish, we are proud to offer a number of great workshops, lead by very skilled and internationally known German/English/Scottish/Canadian instructors.

Saturday morning,
workshop 07 - Fair Isle stricken/Maria Weddewer - still open for booking

Saturday afternoon,
workshop 25 - Fair Isle stricken/Maria Weddewer - a few seats left
workshop 26 - Double face/Ulrike Eberts - still open for booking

Sunday morning
workshop 41 - Einführung in die KlugeStrickArt"/Annette Wigand - fully booked

Saturday morning,
workshop 13 - Create in colour knitting/Di Gilpin - still open for booking

Saturday afternoon,
workshop 17 - Double knitting/Chrissie Day - fully booked
 workshop 30 - drop stitches and create colour & texture knitting/Di Gilpin - still open for booking
 workshop 34 - Double Knitting, masterclass/Chrissie Day - still open for booking
workshop 36 - "get organized: Make a "Perpetual" knitting workbook/Laura West - still open for booking

Sunday morning
workshop 46 - moving and abstracted cabling/Di Gilpin - fully booked
workshop 50 - shawl shaping/Chrissie Day - still open for booking. See video here: https://animoto.com/play/hxFK3L4kdXoXv8QvJOWJxQ
workshop 52 - Knitted balls for the holidays/Christopher Walker - still open for booking

We recommend that you book your workshops and other events before you come to Fanø - this way you make sure that you will not miss learning new exciting techniques.

Book here http://www.strikkefestival.dk/en/booking-shop
Remember to register before you book.


Although you are in Denmark, and we speak Danish, we do have a couple of evening events which you should not miss. Here the language is universal.

LECTURE (½ hour in Danish), followed by a truly unique fashion show, accompanied by the Faroese singer EIVØR and band.
This is the event which is always hard to get a ticket for - we still have a few, but hury, hurry, if you want to attend. You will love it!

Do you like Scottish music? Do you like the true island feeling of spending joyful moments together? Then you should sign up for this terrific evening. Scottish and wellknown musician Bruce MacGregor and his musicians will keep us on our toes the entire evening - hopefully, we can prevent you from dancing on the tables!

Will we be seing you?

Best wishes,
Christel and Jørgen Seyfarth